Startup Website Launch

TaskRunners website launchBackground:

Collaborative consumption startup, TaskRunners, was looking at December for a website launch. CEO Cheryl Leong engaged Unashamedly Creative to help with the initial marketing and planning, main website copy, and to generally support marketing, content and social media initiatives for the new business.



  • To create a strong, SEO friendly presence through website copy
  • To create content to help customers learn about collaborative consumption and TaskRunners
  • Guiding a strong online presence through social media advice, help and assessment.




The following were undertaken by Unashamedly Creative:

a)        Identifying appropriate SEO and writing all the copy for the main TaskRunners website

b)       Undertaking competitor and customer research, and the development of personas and consumer identification assets

c)        Creating blogs for TaskRunners

d)       Writing press and PR articles

e)        Guiding the social media efforts for Facebook and Twitter

f)         Participating in design reviews and web QnA

g)        Participation in online and offline launch activities



TaskRunners was successfully website launch happened in December 2012.  Unashamedly Creative and TaskRunners continue to work together to support their PR, publicity and consumer outreach activities.

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