The Freelance Jungle gets a Unicorn!

unicorn hotel freelance jungleHow’s that for a heading that fills you with whimsy and joy? Our little Freelance Jungle Sydney is packing up its social club goodness and popping into the Unicorn Hotel on Oxford st, Paddington.

After searching around last year from Redfern to Surry Hills, East Sydney and Central (gee, what a range…I know, I know!), and having our booking completely forgotten on more than one occasion, it the Freelance Jungle has secured special little digs for 2014 in the Unicorn.

The Unicorn has gone through a decor facelift on the pub level and is currently getting a spanking new 70’s themed function and music room. The food is toptastic without being expensive, the barkeep is a nice fellow, the booze is a reasonable price and it appears we’ll actually be able to hear ourselves think- all bonuses for the hungry, thirsty, hardworking freelance crowd!

And it’s called UNICORN! Seriously, who wouldn’t go for that?!

Wondering if the Freelance Jungle Sydney is for you?

The Freelance Jungle is an informal social club where you can meet other freelancers on (roughly) a monthly basis. In lieu of us having work friends, the Freelance Jungle Sydney is designed to bring us together for a couple of drinks and a bit of food for a chat.

You qualify for the Freelance Jungle if:

  • Your work hours consist of whenever you actually have work as opposed to turning up to a desk and re-arranging your paperclips to get a wage
  • The toughest challenges you face are finding work, making sure work doesn’t overlap with other work, and chasing payment for the aforesaid work. All of which is usually done in your shorts, at home, with the stereo blaring
  • At least once a month, you need to explain to somebody that the “free” in “freelancer” does not mean you have oodles of free time on your hands or that you can work for free
  • You might want to meet other freelancers to work on projects with you. Or to meet other freelancers who can hold your hand as you cry. Or cheer loudly for your wonderful achievements. The choice is yours, really.
  • You’re tempted to come into the crazy hurly burly world of freelancing but want to hear from people who are actually doing it before you throw off the shackles of your current employ

Whether you chase agency contracts or fly by the seat of your freelance pants, we don’t discriminate!

Come along and have a drink, chat and enjoy the Freelance Jungle Sydney.


Cost:                      FREE

Date:                     Thursday January 30th 2014

Time:                     7pm to 9pmish

Venue:                The Unicorn Hotel, Paddington (at the back of the pub) 

For booking purposes, I need to know how many people are going. Please RSVP via this link so I know how many people are coming.


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