Talking Google AdWords with Mel Samson

Mel Samson is a Melbourne based Google Analytics and Google AdWords specialist. She’s my personal favourite when it comes time to refer clients ready to take the Google advertising plunge. And she agreed to be a part of a freelance Q & A session on Google AdWords on Blab, a new social media platform that allows live streaming and real time information sharing via Twitter.

Google AdWords specialist Melinda Samson from Click Winning Content
Melinda Samson from Click Winning Content

Melinda generously gave her time to busting a few myths about Google AdWords and answering questions as they came from the audience. In this video recording of the Blab event, you can discover why and how Google AdWords can help promote your business. And learn some great tricks and tips from a seasoned Google AdWords professional.

Even if you are not looking to run your own Google AdWords campaigns, Melinda’s insights can help you spot the right Google AdWords partner for your business.

About Melinda Samson

As the founder and co-owner of Click-Winning Content, Melinda helps Australian business owners maximise their investment in Google AdWords & use their Google Analytics data to improve their business performance.
She is committed to never using an acronym without explaining it first, and also likes cracked pepper, grand slam tennis and Melbourne sunsets.

This is the replay of Melinda’s talk   via Blab.


About Blab.IM:

Blab is a free App available for Android and IOS users. It’s a live video streaming App that has in-built instant messaging and social media connectivity. Think of Google Hangouts, Periscope and Twitter mixing up a hot little hybrid and you’ve got Blab! It allows four way video and Blab allows other non-video participants to join in the conversation through instant messaging and likes for all to see. It connects via your Twitter login so you don’t have to rebuild yet another social media audience. And it’s pretty spunky- so join us and find out how cool it can be!

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