Using Twitter: Tweeting at Events- Yay or Nay?

I’ve recently started attending more talks and conferences and picked up a completely alien concept to me before, using Twitter to tweet while there.

I knew everyone did it, it’s how I often catch up on the events I can’t go to using the tags.

It just wasn’t my thing.

But then I started using Twitter at events – and I love it!

However, the last event I went to the majority of the audience was not tweeting. And the vibe was different. It was more attentive and warmer somehow.

So rather than crate myself a tailspin of “should I, shouldn’t I?” I thought I would write out the pluses and minus (typical writer!) and get your input too.

Ready? Great, let’s go!

Pros Cons
You can use your Twitter as a way of remembering key points for later on The process is distracting and you may miss some of what is happening when Tweeting, especially if it’s visual
It’s a great way for finding new followers It’s really anti-social to anyone you are actually with at the time
It’s good to see what people have to say as you’re contemplating a speaker or presentation It’s pretty boring seeing 100’s of people repeat the same stuff word for word about the same thing
It helps you think about what is being said because in essence you are writing it down With a tweet you are restricted with characters and what others may think of what you say, so it’s probably not as good at taking notes


Argh! Deadlock.

The only thing I can think of that may break the deadlock is when you aren’t able to make something you really wanted to catch, you still can via Twitter as a Pro.

What do you think about using Twitter at events?

Is it great to tweet at conferences and gatherings or should we be just focussed on what is actually happening instead of sharing it in cyberspace?

Share your thoughts below!

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  • It’s a dilemma for shiz!

    I do get frustrated by conference tweets that are just moments in time and don’t make sense to anyone who isn’t in the room at that moment. After tweeting like crazy at my first few conferences I have drastically pared it back. The last conference I went to I listened more, took more notes and only tweeted the gems I thought would have evergreen value for my followers.

    I found that I met some people at the conference that I wouldn’t have met – as they saw my avatar popping up – as well as getting to connect with the presenters. It seemed a nice balance to strike.

    • I agree.

      I take notes and tweet. The old school habit of crib notes at lectures hasn’t left me yet. I don’t get 60 people typing “Fred thinks ducks have webbed feet” as its fairly inane and boring. Not to mention bound to prop up info that doesn’t do the presenter any favours.

      However challenging the ideas, adding to the conversation or collecting super relevant quotes is a great idea, esp if you want to blog about it later.


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