August Freelance Jungle at the Abercrombie Hotel

August freelance jungleLet’s grab a booth and talk about being a freelancer at the August Freelance Jungle. Or celebrate the end of winter with some fine pub food, a few jugs and a little silliness.

We’re back at the Abercrombie Hotel near central, making it easy for everyone to pop along! Oh, and last month they didn’t have food at the venue, and seeing we didn’t bring our emergency pack of two minute noodles, we we’re all a little hungry by the end.

The freelance jungle is for:

  • Freelancers, contractors and soloists of all kinds to socialise. If you’re doing it solo, you could do with community. End of freaking story.
  • People curious about becoming freelancers who want to find out more from freelancers without the myth.
  • Relieving some stress, sharing your pain points, asking for advice on how to solve a problem, sharing a win, having a wine, having a whine and just getting out of your pyjamas.

The freelance jungle is not for:

  • Cheesy introductions, PowerPoint presentations, sleazy sales pitches or any “how I can help you today!” style used car salesman tactics. That’s networking, and there are enough of those events around. We get social, yo.
  • Businesses looking to make money off freelancers to try and hi-jack it as some kind of weird focus group. If you want that, links a survey to the freelance jungle page instead of bailing them up at a social engagement.
  • Swinging or dating. Apparently the motif of swinging in the jungle and cheeky monkeys has sent some of you the wrong message. There will be no fishbowl antics at a freelance jungle! If you meet someone you like, that’s great. But we aren’t a matchmaking service!

So come along, sing a song, have a jug of cider and let’s have a merry little August Freelance Jungle!

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