Blog planning, content creation and social media


Theatre and stage online project management startup StageBitz were in need of blog planning and direct assistance with creating content and social media.

Unashamedly Creative was engaged to manage the social media, content creation and blog planning under a trial retainer of one month.


The main aim of the project was to:

  • Undertake blog planning that incorporated all levels of consumer education from the research stage through to regular user of the StageBitz product
  • Make use of social media to help spread the word about StageBitz and assist with bringing the community together
  • Act as an avenue for assistance, customer service and consumer education on a daily and weekly basis via blogging and social media
  • Create opportunities for exposure to new audiences by using social media and blogging and encourage interest in the StageBitz product by promoting community, sustainability and creativity centric values
  • Identify areas of improvement with current social media and content creation practices
  • Identify ways to reach out to potential new audiences



Unashamedly Creative approached the initial project as:

  • Creation of a blogging plan and marketing foundation plan that outlined significant areas of improvement with content creation, blogging and social media
  • Undertaking a review of the existing technology used for social media and advising on suitable social media scheduling tools and supporting engagement software
  • Basic training and assistance plus some sample social media and content as outlined during the blog planning stage
  • Basic social media outreach and lead building



StageBitz were able to see an increase in website traffic, community awareness online and social media traffic during the one month trial. They also saw the value in blogging as an educational tool for their members.

This lead of an initial extension to a 3 month retainer which became just shy of 12 months of dedicated service in social media and content creation.

From the initial blogging plan came a significant increase of traffic to the StageBitz blog and the opportunity to reach out beyond the Australian market to theatre makers in the USA and UK. This included a highly successful interview series, a focus on community outreach within the arts and sustainability communities and aiding with general promotion of new features and ways to use the StageBitz product.

This also incorporated SEO for social media and for the blogging content.


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