Creative writer for the award winning pilot of Space Heroes Universe

Kid’s virtual world, Space Heroes Universe, was moving towards diversifying their portfolio with additional kid’s content. This included the creation of a dedicated Space Heroes cartoon. After trailing a ‘sneak peek’ Space Heroes Universe cartoon trailer which reached over 300,000 hits on YouTube, episode 1 was placed in production.

As the Bubble Gum Interactive Creative Writer, Unashamedly Creative was brought in to edit, help shape and write for the pilot episode.

 To provide the existing and potential fan base of Space Heroes an introduction to the main characters of the virtual world in a fun, entertaining and branded format.
 To create a pilot that would garner interest worldwide.


"Oh look, a talking handbag" says Kira. Just one of the lines from Unashamedly Creative.
“Oh look, a talking handbag” says Kira. Just one of the lines from Unashamedly Creative.

Rebekah from Unashamedly Creative worked with external creative writers and the Bubblegum Interactive team to shape the cartoon pilot into a workable script, drawing on the characters within the virtual world, Space Heroes Universe.
This occurred through a series of rewrites working from text, story board and animatic.

The cartoon received over 100,000 hits on YouTube and won the coveted 2012 Pixel Awards – Animation Category, beating out the likes of Disney’s ‘Jake and the Never land Pirates’, Nintendo Pokémon and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VIII-2

This continues a run of awards for Space Heroes Universe that makes it the most awarded virtual world to date.

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