Content writer in Australia for employment website Seek


Working as an independent content writer in Australia is both a love and a talent of Unashamedly Creative. So you can imagine the excitement when the Australian employment and recruitment portal Seek came calling.

Seek were looking for specific articles of interest for their management portal. Unashamedly Creative was only too happy to help out.


Seek is an industry leader in recruitment. They want to provide the best possible information, advice and content to their readers. The Seek audience spans volunteers, part time and casual workers, full time and contract workers, and the all important human resources departments as well as savvy managers of all kinds.

Seek wanted to improve their information sharing abilities and support managers and HR professionals by providing timely, useful and authoritative content on a wide variety of subjects.

Unashamedly Creative was commissioned to create content in the field of stress reduction, mental health, freelance management and overall workforce wellbeing. The process includes:

  • Following a dedicated brief as given by the content marketing manager within Seek
  • Working with identified targets within that brief to create interview opportunities
  • Managing the relationships introduced by Seek in a professional, courteous and proactive manner
  • Sourcing expert opinion in the area chosen for each article
  • Conducting interviews with experts and translating these interviews into quotes and assets for the articles
  • Following the Seek best practise guide for content marketing and blogging to ensure a uniform tone and presentation of all information
  • Acting as a content writer in Australia to include industry bodies, relevant information and groups from throughout the country
  • Working with the content marketing manager to ensure the brief is met
  • Pitching story ideas and articles on a needs basis
  • Submission to specification and deadline



As a mental health content writer in Australia, Unashamedly Creative has an extensive network with which to fortify the aims of Seek in helping managers better support workplace in relation to stress reduction, mental health support and associated activities. She has produced two blogs thus far for Seek and has been accepted for the longer term to their content marketing activities.


You can view one of the articles via the Seek portal on managing introversion and extroversion in the workplace.



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