Creative copywriting for online marketplace

Copywriting a website for an online marketplaceBackground:

SellUp wanted to create an Australian online marketplace that specifically dealt with second hand goods. SellUp was looking for interesting yet easy to understand copy that helped their potential customer choose between their service and other major players in the space.

This was beyond creative copywriting and required a positioning that played up this fledgling online business’ strengths in a quick and easy manner.

Unashamedly Creative was engaged for copywriting a website for online marketplace SellUp
• Go beyond providing information about the marketplace to highlighting the services draw cards of the no store, only direct seller, only second hand policy.
• Highlight the benefits associated with choosing to list items on a bespoke online marketplace.
• Create an immediately recognisable business profile through engaging creative copy and use solid SEO techniques to help support the listings created



Copywriting a website for an online marketplace that:
• Demonstrated professional and safe practices while overcoming common objections in the person-to-person marketplace such as breakage, theft, damage and not as described listings
• Displayed a strong community orientated, friendly and approachable  vibe

• Gave the end user the immediate ability to review the key points of the site and also the processes involved. This was key to success, especially seeing the reach and scale of the competitors in the market
• Encouraged the second hand ethos and celebrated sharing from one person to another

• Garnered support from the average Australian by being a wholly and solely owned and operated Australian second hand marketplace with community as opposed to profit at the centre of the operation

Using creative copywriting gave SellUp the edge over larger, less personal and less community minded chains already operating.



SellUp has several hundred listings and a vibrant and engaged user base that choose SellUp as their preferred online marketplace.

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