Charity PR and marketing campaign


Leading Australian collaborative consumption startup, Open Shed, wanted to run a campaign to help encourage its members to take part in a de-cluttering initiative, list items on Open Shed and raise funds for Australian food rescue charity, OzHarvest.

Unashamedly Creative was asked to provide social media and content creation support to the PR and marketing campaign “Spring Clean with Heart”.


The PR and marketing campaign had 5 main aims:

  • Promote everyday Australians participating in de-cluttering
  • Encourage new and existing members to list items on Open Shed as part of the de-cluttering process
  • Highlight the opportunity to refresh and update any existing listings that may have required adjustment or a revamp in description, with a focus on promoting keyword usage to aid with SEO
  • Raise funds through new and existing rentals for food rescue charity OzHarvest
  • Promote wellness and community centric values



Unashamedly Creative worked alongside the Open Shed team and PR specialist Sarah Allen to create opportunities to engage the Open Shed members in the “Spring Clean with Heart”.

Using a mix of Facebook, Twitter, email and blogging, the Open Shed members were encouraged to add new items, refresh their existing item descriptions, commit to a donation amount and spread the word about the promotion to their friends and family.

Unashamedly Creative also assisted with sharing the PR goals kicked and blogging on how to get involved, why the marketing campaign was important and generally encourage participation on a community level.


Within the first week of the marketing campaign running, it saw 90 new items listed as donating to OzHarvest and a flurry of item description updates.

The campaign also gained coverage through Shoestring Media, 3 Things and local press.

The campaign proved so popular, it remains as an ongoing part of the Open Shed features and has served over 1100 meals via food rescue charity OzHarvest.


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