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Briometrix is an award-winning accessibility start-up. They have invented a wearable fitness tracker and fitness app specific to the wheelchair community. The app also includes navability, a feature that helps wheelchair users navigate places with specific information to aid with accessibility in public spaces as well as to remain injury-free. Briometrix wanted to build awareness of their product in key markets. They contacted Unashamedly Creative to talk about content marketing, specifically the social media production, newsletter delivery and web copy.


The aim of the content marketing campaign was to:

  • Build the non-existent Facebook following to a viable level
  • Create a working timetable for content marketing inclusive of blogging for the website, newsletter content and social media production
  • Surprise and delight the audiences in key markets of USA, UK and Australia
  • Attract interest from people with disabilities of all ages, experience levels and cycle within their journey. This included but was not limited to parents of children with disabilities, disability advocates, new wheelchair users, seasoned users and so on
  • Cater to the elite athlete within the wheelchair sports community
  • Speak to the occupational therapy professionals, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists
  • Highlight the benefits of the navigation components within Briometrix with key target markets such as local government and councils, universities, property developers and the public
  • Recruit testing pilots to the wheelchair fitness app and navigation app
  • Produce a working document and identify key areas of support in the critical first 3 months of operation
  • Mentor the fledgling business through content marketing and social media production
  • Create community via social media production and bring all people with a vested interest in the disability community closer
  • Promote the viability of the Briometrix app to potential backers and partners
  • Improve the website copy to aid with backlink creation, SEO copywriting and story presentation



The Briometrix support in content marketing and social media production was executed through:


  • Development of timetables and seasonal content ideas for the newsletter
  • Building a social media plan that incorporated phases of engagement
  • Including a content plan of topics for the website
  • Reviewing the website copy and implementing a proper SEO strategy
  • Explaining and exploring ways to strengthen the business with content, including interviews and the use of data
  • Scheduling and timetabling regular social media content
  • Planning, managing and implementing Facebook advertising campaign



What began as a 3-month relationship has continued from 2017 right through into 2018 with no sign of stopping. The work has resulted in a strongly growing Facebook of over 1600 members with strong activity and support. A second phase for Twitter and Instagram has commenced. The newsletter is issues monthly and receives written praise for coverage of community issues as well as coverage of the Briometrix adventure. The unsubscribe rates are incredibly low while the click through rates are well above industry average. The social production has lead to a strong following and even with platforms in early stage development such as Twitter, while the direct follower count is low, the interaction is over 50% for all content delivered. The website also performs well for key markets and has grown from strength to strength.

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