Product Development Brief for Daddy’s Little Miracle

Daddy’s Little Miracle is a satirical parenting blog. The purpose of Daddy’s Little Miracle is to poke gentle fun at the rise of parenting blogs and how seriously some parents take their blogging experience while creating a viable comedy portfolio and showcase the writing of Nick Bhasin.


Nick was looking to reach a wider audience while gaining more confidence in the project itself.


Unashamedly Creative was charged with reviewing Daddy’s Little Miracle as a product and offering assistance to get Nick closer to his aims.



The objective the product develop brief was to:

  • Assess the current social media and marketing employed
  • Identify technical and user experience issues on the website
  • Review the current personal brand and content
  • Create a plan to improve the marketing, social media and website functionality
  • Provide advice on strengthening the blog’s offering content-wise by providing structure to the writing and the overall goals of the site



Unashamedly Creative created an easy to follow yet in-depth product development brief that reviewed the current marketing and social media and identified simple fixes such as broken links, improper SEO techniques, duplicate content and general areas of improvement on the website.


For the content of the website, Unashamedly Creative worked with Daddy’s Little Miracle to revamp the approach of the website and strengthen the post offerings. This included making them more SEO friendly, but also reviewing the target reader and looking at the benefits of the site to that audience.


This was delivered by:

  • In-depth product development brief (50 pages)
  • 3 mentoring sessions
  • A copy of the Age of Love content creation eBook



Some 150 broken links and other technical faults were removed from the Daddy’s Little Miracle website.

Nick was able to review his own website with confidence, and didn’t feel like he had to fall into the trap of being on all social media channels all the time.

Daddy’s Little Miracle has begun producing blogs again and Nick is more confident overall in his project.

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