Self-care for the self employed: A Sydney event wrap up

What do you get when you cross a yoga marketer with a former dating community manager? Probably one of the most unusual approaches to freelance and self employed workshops you can find. But this is exactly what took place in Sydney on February 6th to a group of self-employed freelancers and small business owners.

It was called “Self-care for the self employed” – and it attracted freelance writers, designers and community managers, a wonderful array of yoga teachers and alternative medicine practitioners, small business owners, and generally, a great bunch of people who were looking at ways to raise their productivity through better self-care.

Held in a beautiful art studio in Chippendale decorated with vintage furniture and a hammock, Self-care for the Self Employed saw us plumb the depths of common self employment problems. We took a look at the kinds of situations that commonly cause stress. We made commitments to ourselves to adopt healthier practises. And we talked a lot about what ways we could improve the business model to ensure the moments spent on the coal face of business were moments well spent.

4 hours of learning, sharing, writing down goals, planning to make sustained and lasting change, all in the name of self-care and productivity. For our first ever workshop, it seemed quite wonderful.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the comments left by the Sydney participants:

Hacking Happiness is a great workshop that provides really practical tools for maximizing your joy, your productivity, efficiency and growth in your business without burning out! Thanks Bek and Brook. Cheers. Garth

I came away from the workshop with more clarity about how I was spending my time and, more importantly, how I wanted to spend my time. I learned so much, from working out my most productive time of the day, to realising that it’s my decision-making skills that are the real cause of my stress. Since then I’ve been so much more productive and as a result, healthier and happier. – Sarah

Supportive, fun, useful and thought provoking – can highly recommend! Charlotte

The course was very suitable for those with limited time and/or limited budget for self improvement. It was delivered with honesty and humour by those who “have been there”. Mary

As a self-employed writer going through an incredibly busy time in her life, juggling work with young kids and family commitments, I constantly feel pulled in all directions. I’d been searching for a while for something to help me focus on how I can be healthier, happier and more productive at both work and home – and Self Care For The Self Employed turned out to be exactly what I needed. In fact, I was on a high for days afterwards, and I haven’t stopped talking about it. I loved the dynamic of having two presenters – both Brooke and Bek have very different styles and they are equally engaging, funny, and entertaining. The quality of the content was amazing – and I loved how the girls backed up their points with relevant research, too. I have tons of notes and have already begun implementing new plans and work ethics. This course should be a mandatory for every self-employed person! Michelle

Who knew bringing people together for education, conversation, trouble-shooting, advice, meditation, de-stressing exercises and piñata whacking could be so damn effective?

Where to next?

Brook and I are thrilled with the result and are looking to take this show on the road. As self-employed people, we understand how stressful and how difficult it can be to navigate some of the challenges inherent with being leader, counsel and the worker.

That’s why were extending our self-care for the self employed program to include Melbourne (most likely in April) and Wollongong (most likely in June).

So if you are self employed, a freelancer, working in a startup and/or someone who works contract work, this course is for you. We take the challenges, unpack the stress, and give you ways to reach into the wells of resilience needed to tackle the hard days and make the great days even better.

If you are interested, contact us.

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