Freelance social media manager


StageBitz is an Australian collaborative consumption business that services the theatre sector. As an online project management software and inventory controller, StageBitz needed to find unique ways to make connections with the often under-funded theatre sector.

Unashamedly Creative was engaged as the social media manager for StageBitz for a period of just under 12 months.



The main aim of the role of social media manager was to:

  • Increase exposure for the StageBitz product via social media
  • Support expansion and exposure outside of Australia
  • Build a sense of community and belonging with the theatre and arts scene


As social media manager, Unashamedly Creative worked on the following elements:

  • Social media planning and scheduling
  • Reporting and social media analytics
  • Direct social media management
  • Outreach activities to grow the social media numbers


StageBitz’s presence on social media grew by over 50% on Twitter and 30% on Facebook without paid advertising.

StageBitz also enjoys a strong following of UK and USA based theatre companies and theatre makers, and as a result of outreach activities, has numerous theatre student followers in the UK.

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