Why Tweet Regularly on Twitter?

twitter birdI love Twitter. To say I tweet a lot is an understatement. At current count I was tweeting under 4 active accounts with two others currently having a nap. Anyone who follows any of my Unashamedly Creative Twitter @noshamecreative knows I usually schedule a fair whack of content in there too.

So why do I do it? Because it’s super beneficial to what I do. Here’s why:

Twitter makes your imagination goes wild

Snuffling out what to tweet and reading things along is a great way to stimulate the brain and come up with new content ideas. I usually look for stuff to tweet catching up on the news and writing down new ideas for content in my trusty art-book. It helps me see trends in the industry as well as identify gaps that no one else are covering. That time spent discovering new content helps me stay informed AND brainstorm ideas.


Twitter helps with Self education

Any marketer, content creator or copywriter who doesn’t read about what’s going on in the industry is not going to be worth much to anyone in 6 months time. The technology and the consumer trends move too quickly. So stocking up your Twitter is a great way to self educate and stay ahead of the curve, even if you’re just skimming.


Twitter Benefits SEO 

It’s no secret that SEO has gone social, and having a social presence for your own blogs plus the content you like helps with your SEO. More tweets and click thru’s means an improved ranking. Sharing other people’s stuff means they check you out more often and therefore expose you to more guest blogging opportunities too for those all important link exchanges.


Twitter Helps with Reaching Your Audience

People like using Twitter to find people to converse with. It’s highly effective for anyone in communications and it’s certainly a great friend to the freelancer. But beyond that it’s a giant conversation with people from all walks of life that you can filter and reach people who might usually ignore you. I reach (on average recording to the reporting I use) 40,000 people a month. Why wouldn’t you want to make use of it?


Establishing Authority on Twitter works

Twitter is called microblogging for a reason. Just like a blog, the more relevant your content and the more useful it proves to be to your intended audience, the more authority on a subject you will have. If you demonstrate you stay informed and up to date, people can start to trust you to be a source of valid info. That’s incredibly powerful.


Using Twitter for Helping Others

I like helping people. Twitter satiates that need in me by giving me a place to reach people. The beauty is, instead of being the person who thinks they know it all, I can plonk it out there and not mind if people don’t listen. I get a kick out of being asked a question, being favourited or retweeted if they do. I use to help people find their lost dogs, guitar players for their bands, unemployed people work, charities I care about volunteers and share ideas that could help inspire people who are a little tired of the same old, same old. Twitter gives me a nice way to share and help without flooding my Facebook friends or use email.


Being on Twitter Helps

Sharing what you discover and being around on Twitter gets people used to seeing you there and that in turn helps build trust. When it comes time for you to use Twitter to ask a question or if you need people to interact with you for any reason, having an established pattern of regular communication is more likely to get you a response from people you don’t know than just popping in once in a blue moon. Using Twitter regularly means you’re not just the “I only hear from them when they want something” person in cyberspace.


Twitter allows you to amplify your content easily and establish a regular dialogue with the people you care about. It may take time to get the results you want, but isn’t that true of anything worthwhile?


Do you use Twitter regularly? Why/why not?

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