Want to get your head around online marketing, content creation, blogging and social media but don’t have the time to wade through all the literature? Then you need Unashamedly Creative workshops!

Unashamedly Creative workshops

There are a million and one freelancers currently offering all kinds of workshops in social media, content creation, copywriting and more. So why should you choose me over the other guys?

My workshops are tailored to your needs

Not all people and businesses gain what they need from a standard format workshop. So I offer small group, tailored workshops geared around what you need. I start by asking you where the knowledge gaps are and what you want to learn, and then I design a full day course to suit you. And instead of being in a room with 20, 50 or more people, my workshops are for you and your team members.

That way, you learn stuff that is relevant to what YOU want to know. And in an environment where you gain individual attention and don’t have to stand at the back of the room waiting for your questions to be answered. Your workshop is about lifting the performance of your business, so you won’t be learning things that do not apply or you’ve already tried. Plus, it includes an aftercare pack and a follow up coaching call 6 weeks later to see how you are tracking.

I teach you skills and the practical application required for your choice of marketing, content creation, blogging, social media, idea generation, and product development. You can then take these lessons away and apply them directly to your business.

You can also use my workshops to develop a specific product name and branding position, marketing strategy for your products and/or company, and strategically plan your marketing.

Like I said, they are tailored to what you need.

My workshops are $350 per person or $500 for a group of 3. Larger groups are POA.

If you are in Sydney or Wollongong, we can conduct the workplace at my lovely little house by the beach or in your office. The choice is yours.

If you are outside Sydney and Wollongong, I don’t mind travelling to run a workshop for your business however additional transport and accommodation fees and charges will apply. Drop me a note and let’s see what we can arrange.

Keen on an Unashamedly Creative workshop? Drop me an email now! 

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