New online portal & retail store launch for artisans and creatives


Not all retail store launch stories are created equal. Hypmotive is a unique combination of makerspace and handmade and handcrafted retail store offerings. They work to bring artisan creators, fashion designers, artists and jewellery makers to a new market. They have a split of products across an online product portal, physical retail store location in Marrickville NSW and a workshop space for makers and artists at the store location. Unashamedly Creative was contacted in the early stages to help build a foundation marketing plan the dynamic Hymotive duo could activate.


The aim of the foundation marketing plan was to:

  • Nurture activities during the critical online portal and retail store launch
  • Give a working foundation via the marketing plan to current and future activities for a period of 6 months
  • Begin the business venture online, in the retail store space and with a connected artist culture for the workshops and other supporting activities strongly
  • Produce a working document and identify key areas of support in the critical first 3 months of operation
  • Mentor the fledgling business through advice and understanding of the vision and products
  • Build a strong strategy for social media, email engagement and other areas defined in the marketing plan
  • Capitalise on the newness of the venture with artist recruitment and general outreach
  • Improve the website copy to aid with backlink creation, SEO copywriting and story presentation



The Hypmotive projects involved a few levels of support:

  • The initial engagement began with some meetings and business coaching to set the ideas and plan
  • The development of a foundation marketing plan that could be executed by the Hypmotive team with a strong focus on invigorating the online portal and managing the retail store launch
  • Including a content plan that could be used to share the story of Hypmotive
  • A three-month retainer of direct management of content marketing and social media services to help kickstart the process inclusive of strategy, research and implementation
  • Reviews of website copy, newsletter content and approach, setting editorial calendars, providing lists for potential outreach and recruitment and reviewing ad-hoc content materials as produced and needed
  • Creating this workable plan into a split the work into stages
  • Explaining and exploring ways to strengthen the business
  • Develop a strategy for exit by Unashamedly Creative so the Hypmotive team could take full responsibility as quickly as possible.



As far as online portals and retail store launch moments go, this one was very successful. Unashamedly Creative worked with Hypmotive in the early stages of business and provided all support, review and assets on time and to specification. Within a period of 3 months post delivery of the marketing plan, the team was primed and ready to rock and roll. Hypmotive is now a thriving part of the artisan retail scene online and is a popular Marrickville retail store and workshop experience.  The Hypmotive team are intelligent, dedicated and great at what they do, which made providing a plan a breeze.

Want to make the most out of your retail store launch and make a splash with your small business? Contact me now.






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